Retirement Review:$149/ Reallocation Review: $75

$149 initial review/ $75 for re-allocation review (recommended semi-annually)

Did you know that the stock market has more than doubled since the Great Recession in 2009?
If your retirement accounts have not followed this rise, then something is wrong.

We review you retirement accounts (401K/TSP/IRA) and provide a detailed explanation of the funds available to you. We provide a recommendation for your portfolio based off your risk assessment and the millionaire strategy from Warren Buffett. What you don’t know could be costing you thousands of dollars towards retirement.


Retirement Review


Know Your Numbers:$50

Personal Net Worth Calculation
Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis

Calculate the client’s personal Net Worth and complete a guided monthly budget. We will analyze this information and make recommendations on how to modify the budget to increase cash flow