About Evan

Evan Richmond Gregory Jefferson, also known as ERGJ, is the CEO of ERGJ Enterprises. ERGJ is a personal finance coach and a certified financial educator. He specializes in helping others with Retirement Planning,  Wealth Creation, and Asset Accumulation. He is passionate about  improving the financial literacy and economic awareness within our communities. ERGJ believes that every individual should have a personal finance class prior to their first job and he is working towards making that dream a reality. He has developed a financial education program that he teaches to students weekly online and for youth in his local community.
ERGJ is a leader by example.  In 2014, he accomplished his personal financial goal of becoming debt-free. He attributes this accomplishment to 3 characteristics: focus, hard work, and consistency. He has established a Facebook group called the Save Train where he leads over 200 members along the journey from Spending to Saving. Also, he is the president of an investment club to help others go from Saving to Investing.
ERGJ is the founder of an investment group called The New Black Wall St. This group was established in March of 2015 with 25 members and has grown to over 2,000 members as of August 2015. The focus of this group is to bring economic awareness to the urban community.
“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to see them come true”